Eshchar Ben-Shitrit

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When we first met, all we had was an idea. Hanaco invested $6M in our seed round. We have raised $170M in less than 2 years since then. We've grown from 4 people when we met, 8 when they invested, to a company of 200. We’ve grown from a small lab in Israel into 2 factories with 10 patents and sales and distribution in Israel, UK, Netherlands, and Germany (and more to come).”

People ask me: “How do you grow and move so fast?” It’s because of Hanaco.

An investor once said to me, “Your only job is to make the right decisions.” By contrast, Hanaco says to me: “We know you need to make a lot of decisions quickly. Have the courage. Take the risks. We know you’ll make some mistakes, but they won’t kill your company. We have your back. We will give you the support, the help, and the capital to achieve your vision, your mission, your life aspirations.”

I honestly feel that I have a superpower in my life: Hanaco is more than an investor. They’re like a third co-founder, but with tremendous capital. Our ability to grow—through gaining the trust and investments, expanding globally, and attracting talent—was supported proactively by Hanaco.

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