We partner with visionaries to build companies that shape the future

Who we are

Dually headquartered in NYC and Tel Aviv, Hanaco partners with tenacious early- and growth-stage tech entrepreneurs, empowering them to reimagine their industries and make a profound impact on the world.

Whether you need seed funding for a great idea or you’ve reached an inflection point and need capital to scale, we’ll unlock the funding, strategy, resources, and connections you need to open doors and accelerate growth.

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Tenacity. Courage. Passion. A desire to leave a legacy of radical innovation and meaningful change. These are just some of the qualities that our founders share. Our portfolio is a vibrant mix of early and growth-stage companies, all of whom benefit from pooled resources and collaboration across a broad spectrum of industries, stages, and life cycles.

How We Are Different

Investing in people

Behind every revolutionary company is a born leader with an idea and a dream. Our investment strategy is rooted in a potent mixture of data, experience, and intuition, with our founders’ success at the forefront of every decision.


Knowledge rooted in 30+ years of VC experience

Since its founding in 2017, Hanaco’s investment strategy and approach have been a byproduct of the experiences of its three founders—Alon Lifshitz, Pasha Romanovski, and Lior Prosor—combining an institutional VC background and entrepreneurial mindset.