About Us

We envision a world where any leader with a great business idea and the courage to catalyze change in their industry can succeed, investment goes far beyond capital, and true partnership makes the journey all the more rewarding.

To thrive in today’s competitive playing field of technology giants requires more than innovation and capital. It takes grit and determination. The humility to learn. The resolve to win. It takes experienced partners who are committed to journeying alongside you—who know what it takes to reach the top.

We seek out strong leaders with a vision for a better world and pour every resource we have into ensuring their success. 

We don’t just write checks. We don’t disappear when the road gets bumpy. We’re in this together—and we prove it at every turn.

Our Values

Invested in People

We invest in people, not (just) companies. And we become partners for the long haul—with strong collaboration, round-the-clock accessibility, and seasoned mentorship from day one.

Focused on fit

Our approach to investing isn’t spray and pray: it’s shrewd foresight shaped by robust due diligence. We know our strengths, and we deploy them with discipline.

Driven by collaboration

We prefer to work alongside, not against, other venture firms. A core part of our investment strategy is collaborating with Tier 1 firms—co-leading, following or creating new investment structures.


Having roots on both sides of the pond means that we miss no opportunity to contribute meaningfully to our founders’ growth, finding talent, building relationships, and locating resources quickly and efficiently.

As a young and hungry firm, our fast-paced style sets us apart. We’ll never waste a founder’s time during the due-diligence process; in fact, we’ll find ways to add value along the way. And while we never cut corners, our agility as a small firm allows us to cut unnecessary formalities. In other words: expect quick decisions and zero games.
This is your company. If we’ve invested in you, it means we’re confident in your ability to take it to the top. We’ll always have your back and empower you to take the risks you want and need to take.
We’re here to add value—and we’re not shy about it. We’ll be your marketing advocates, helping you generate brand awareness and attract customers on a global scale. We offer training and mentorship to your team. We proactively connect you with some of the most powerful investors across the world.
We share your concern for the future of our planet and the people in it and offer ongoing mentorship to our founders on how to maximize their social impact.