About Yotpo

A fast growing SaaS marketing platform for commerce brands, YOTPO enables D2C and ecommrce sites to effectively convert traffic into sales via a unified solution, rather than a collection of individual tools. Offering a robust platform for SMS, reviews, loyalty programs, subscriptions, and visual UGC, YOTPO has served over 6,000 brands worldwide including innovative brands such as Everlast, MVMT, GoPro, and Steve Madden.

Why we invested

The fastest-growing companies of tomorrow are those that will be able to build a community and a compelling brand for their consumers. YOTPO is creating this future by centralizing data to help eCommerce businesses and marketers build the best and most effective relationship with their customers, just as Salesforce had done for the salesperson.

In the founder’s words

The number one thing I would say about what sets Hanaco apart is that they form a deep, personal relationship with their founders. I know that there is a strong foundation of trust between us. They are part of my team. They get excited by our long-term vision and trust us to make decisions that will maximize the company’s potential.

We’ve really benefited from their fast decision making, their guidance on financial and strategy decisions, their candid and honest feedback, and simply the fact that they care. They even know my family personally. They operate with their heart—that’s what I’m looking for in an investor.

We’ve 5Xed everything—employees, revenue, even product features—and Hanaco helped create the environment that made that possible. — Tomer Tagrin, Founder, Yotpo