About SpotItEarly

Drawing on the combined power of AI and man’s best friend, Israeli med-tech start-up SpotItEarly has developed a simple breath test for the early detection of a variety of cancers that utilizes the advanced olfactory abilities of dogs. After a successful seed round, SpotItEarly is now on its way to completing clinical research and further product development.

Why we invested

Cancer is a leading cause of death globally, causing almost one in six deaths. Early cancer screenings and diagnostics can help spot cancer early when treatment is most likely to work, but only 54% of cancer cases get diagnosed early enough. Spotitearly has developed an accurate, accessible, non-invasive at-home test using a breath sample for early-stage cancer detection. Harnessing dogs superior scent detection capabilities combined with top AI and operational skills, Spotitearly has created a full commercial product ready to scale. The company is in a unique position to disrupt a massive market , and most importantly — save many lives along the way.

In the founder’s words

If I had to summarize in one sentence what Hanaco is, it would be founder-driven. Since they’ve joined us on this beautiful journey, they’ve brought such incredible energy, so much experience, and an optimistic approach that every founder needs on what is truly a rollercoaster ride for any entrepreneur.

We’re not just doing this to build a business and make money, but to create value and save lives. Hanaco understood and embraced our mission. When we met the other companies in Hanaco’s portfolio, they, too, were focused on making the world better, which made us feel excited to have them as a partner.

After Hanaco invested in SpotItEarly, I understood what value-add investment actually looks like. Hanaco has leveraged their network to help us with the challenges we face related to FDA and other regulations, including getting us the best lawyers. They’ve introduced us to potential investors from Israel and the United States, and even the UAE. For them, value-add is not a buzz-word. It’s a daily reality.

It’s a privilege to be part of the Hanaco family, and part of their wonderful portfolio. They’re family for us.
— Ariel Ben Dayan, Co-Founder