About See Tree

A leader in the agriculture tech space, SeeTree is an “intelligence platform for trees” providing per-tree intelligence to growers to track their trees’ health and productivity. Using military-grade technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning tools, SeeTree’s data scientists, agronomists, forest rangers and drone operators work with large growers to digitize their crops so they can optimize tree-health and fruit production while saving water and cutting costs.

Why we invested

Tech innovation and adoption for the farming industry has historically been very sluggish. This is changing quickly, however, as farmers are seeking ways to optimize both their crops and financial performance and are turning to farming tech for help. Given tech’s relatively recent arrival, establishing trust with farmers and building a robust brand is critical to success in the farming tech space. With strong tailwinds and a founder with both agronomy and management expertise, SeeTree is uniquely positioned to become the trusted leader in a fast-growing yet grossly underserved and antiquated market.

In the founder’s words

Hanaco led our A-round and has continued investing in us ever since. From our first meeting, and through every formal and informal interaction, we’ve always felt a strong backing in Hanaco. It’s not just about the numbers for them; it’s about the people. They got to know us, they built a personal relationship with us, and we developed strong mutual trust even before they invested.

Once they invested, they did not stop at financial support. We’ve hired wonderful people based on their recommendations and thanks to their wide-reaching network. They’ve also brought a valuable perspective to our business. I’m deeply immersed in the world of farming, but Hanaco has their finger on the pulse of world trends in business at large, as well as issues such as climate change and the roles trees play in it. In fact, certain market research they brought to my attention has developed into a whole new arm of our business.

We have other large financial investors, but Hanaco is the most supportive investor we have. We’ve had great times and tougher times, and Hanaco’s support never waned. — Israel Talpaz, Founder, SeeTree