About Livez

Livez is pioneering a new category in personalized preventive medicine. Armed with the knowledge that 85% of disease can be prevented by on-time screenings and immunizations, Livez digitizes clinical preventive medicine and leverages AI to drive personalized and frictionless prevention at scale. Based on their age, health plan, location, risk factors and personal and family history, users can get immediate health check-ups recommended by health authorities—reducing insurance claims and improving lives.

Why we invested

Employers seek to retain employees and maintain their health and output—while also seeking to reduce costs. With employer insurance premiums on the rise and many healthcare costs associated with chronic diseases, Livez has built a digital healthcare platform that manages employees’ proactive healthcare behavior. This AI-driven solution can prevent diseases, reduce healthcare expenses, and increase employee output. Led by a strong team with large design partners, Livez is pursuing an overlooked and increasingly attractive emerging component of healthcare.

In the founder’s words

As a former VC partner myself, I know how important it is to partner with the right VCs.

Even before they invested Livez, Hanaco due-dilligenced us in a thorough and professional yet kind and friendly way that contributed value even if they would not have ended up investing. For example, they secured us introductions to large companies in our target market—brands like Boeing and Morgan Stanley who would otherwise have not talked to a startup like us—to get feedback and see where our story resonated.

They were always generous with the way that they invest in the company and keep investing in good times and bad times. They’ve helped me grow my team–both by scouting talent and influencing strong candidates to join us by sharing the potential of our company. I can already see that they will introduce us to top-tier VCs when we’re ready for round A.

The entire Hanaco team is authentic, straightforward, kind, accessible, and consistent with what they say, think, and do. I can be honest and real with them. We trust each other. While many VCs won’t get involved very much between rounds, Hanaco is the only investor with whom I have a 30-minute call every two weeks where we focus on
— Inbal Tirosh, Co-founder