About Cnvrg.io

Cnvrg.io organizes and automizes machine learning pipelines so enterprises can scale AI. Used across industries by leading companies in finance, gaming, BI, automotive, manufacturing, e-commerce and more, cnvrg.io’s collaborative, end-to-end solution enables companies to accelerate innovation and build high impact machine learning models that solve complex problems.

Why we invested

Data science and AI is the next seismic shift in computing. Yet data scientists waste too much time on developing rather than strictly writing, testing and deploying new algorithms. cnvrg.ai unlocks the friction of data science development by augmenting and automating ML and AI processes, allowing data scientists to focus only on the core ML and AI algorithms. The company’s strong pipeline, sophisticated technology and experienced team made it uniquely positioned to become a leader in a rapidly fast-growing market, enabling companies to utilize ML and AI to unlock and expand their businesses.

In the founder’s words

Hanaco’s experience and support were extremely valuable in guiding us through our acquisition by Intel in October 2020. The entire deal happened in four weeks, and Hanaco’s advice played a major role in making the acquisition successful. They walked with us every step of the way, helping us understand the questions we should be asking, and how to negotiate the best deal.

In addition, if something wasn’t working, Hanaco always trusted us and gave us room to iterate until we found the solution. They wouldn’t push us to use the wrong strategies just to get a few short-term sales. They struck the right balance between moving us forward and letting us lead.

Someone once told me that 90 percent of VCs will just write you a check; 9 percent will get involved more than they should, and 1 percent will get involved just the right amount to challenge you to achieve your potential. I have always felt that Hanaco is in the 1%. They care about us. They truly want us to be successful. Not just because of the money, but because they believe in our company and in us.
— Leah Moran, Founder, Cnvrg.io