About Carbyne

Carbyne is the world’s only cloud-native solution that unifies the flow of emergency life-saving information (video, voice & data) into one unified platform. It’s cutting-edge technology provides advanced call management software to unify and disseminate the real-time flow of information between callers, contact centers, and first responders, resulting in more accurate data gathering, faster dispatching, and enhanced overall emergency response. 

Why we invested

The emergency infrastructure system in the US is ready for a shakeup, with deficiencies in human personnel and tech innovation made more pronounced by COVID. The infrastructure is over 50 years old and the existing emergency services systems have gradually become a piece-meal stack of tools built upon legacy systems. Through a top-tier management team and category-leading product, Carbyne is building the world’s fastest growing software infrastructure for emergency collaboration –  with the opportunity to impact many people’s lives along the way.

In the founder’s words

Hanaco invested in us back in 2020. Today, we’re growing 250% year over year selling advanced 911 capabilities to governments worldwide, covering like 350,000,000 people. Hanaco has been instrumental in the day-to-day decisions that helped us get to this point, from recruitment of executives to strategic decisions, to helping with bringing in investors for later-stage rounds.

Here’s what I tell entrepreneurs when recommending Hanaco: When it comes to accessibility, they are second to none. They have skin in the game, are always available, willing to help with any request, large or small.

Plus, they are great people—great people to work with, great people to grow with, and great people to have as friends. All of these pieces have joined to create the level of relationship we have. — Amir Elichai, Founder, Carbyne