About Milestone

Powered by AI, milestone unleashes the enormous amount of data hidden behind your code-lines, empowering management with actionable insights to improve efficiency and grow revenues.

Why we invested

The most valuable and expensive resource for modern tech companies is usually its R&D team.
Yet, upper and middle R&D managers have minimal means to understand which resources they have.
Milestone is at the juncture of the business intelligence analytics and workflow optimization markets, organizing the lack of visibility into their R&D spend and leveraging insufficient measurement methods that lack data.

In the founder’s words

“The key that makes Hanaco a rare and unique fund in the landscape is the combination of two worlds – on one hand, Hanaco allows us, the co-founders, and the company optimal managerial freedom, while on the other hand, they are always there as professional partners and mentors, from strategic decisions in every field to nuanced consultations at every stage. We are fortunate to have Hanaco as a stable backbone enabling us to create, develop, and grow.

Hanaco’s visionary investment, significant trust relationships, and strong involvement helped us evolve from a mere idea and two co-founders (despite the complex period for the global economy at that time) into a growing company that now provides innovative products and uncompromising support to dozens of top-tier enterprise companies in the software industry.”
— Liad Elidan, Founder, Milestone